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Agua de Piedra

Nuevo León, Mexico


About Agua de Piedra

This Natural Spring water owes its unique flavor to the mineral profile provided by the filtration through the geological formations of the Huasteca basin in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Agua de Piedra produces both sparkling and still mineral water.

Current Products:

  • Sparkling 24 oz (Case of 12)

  • Sparkling 12 oz (Case of 24)

  • Still 24 oz (Case of 12)

  • Still 12 oz (Case of 24)

Water. Pure and Delicious

The Huasteca Basin is characterized by its limestone formations, which play a crucial role in the creation of natural springs. Limestone is a highly permeable rock, allowing water to percolate through cracks and fissures, eventually emerging as springs. This geological process imparts distinctive mineral compositions to our spring water, contributing to its unique taste profile.

The spring water in the Huasteca Basin is rich in minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, derived from the dissolution of minerals in the limestone bedrock. The high mineral content of the spring water gives it a crisp, refreshing taste with subtle mineral undertones. 

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