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Mezcal Rambha

Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca

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About Mezcal Rambha

Mezcal Rambha was created by Mezcalera Rosario Angeles Vasquez. Hailing from the heart of Santa Catarinas Minas, Oaxaca, a region celebrated for its ancestral clay pot distillation, Rosario embodies the artistry that defines her mezcal expressions. As a first-generation mezcal producer, she is rapidly gaining recognition for her passion and the unique character of Mezcal Rambha.

Current Mezcal Products:

  • Espadin Capon (a. angustifolia) - 53% ABV

  • Espadin, Tepeztate Ensamble (a. angustifolia, a. marmorata) - 49% ABV

  • Tobasiche (a. karwinskii) - 50% ABV

Passion and Drive

In the male-dominated world of mezcal production, Mezcalera Rosario Angeles Vasquez aims to shatter the status quo. Her commitment to the art of ancestral mezcal making is evident in every bottle of Mezcal Rambha. Breaking barriers and forging her own path, Rosario brings a fresh perspective to the industry, with a dedication to quality and a distinctive flavor profile that sets Mezcal Rambha apart.

Mezcal Rambha is a testament to Rosario's persistence, resilience, and passion. As a family-owned and operated business, she takes pride in her authenticity and craft. From selecting the best agaves to the bottling, each step of the Mezcal Rambha journey is overseen by Rosario's family and friends, adhering to the highest quality standards.

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